Benefits of drinking warm water

Benefits of drinking warm water, so the question arises how drinking warm water enhances our health ?

There are 5 proven benefits of warm water that can help in maintaining good health. so let’s get started and go through this article. We hope it will be a good value addition to your knowledge.

1. It ensures healthier digestion and smooth bowel movement

If a person doesn’t drinks enough water. Small intestine, absorbs majority of water from our food. It happens due to the requirements of fluids in the body and these requirement is then, fulfilled by that passing food. which makes it harder for our excretion system to pass the waste material from our body. to avoid these, it’s recommended to drink one glass of hot water daily in the morning for a easy and smooth bowel movement.
Also drinking warm water helps to break down food more rapidly than drinking cold water.

2. Detoxifies the body

Drinking warm water raises internal body temperature temporarily. when a person drinks hot water, endocrine system activates which results in flushing out of toxins and foreign elements.

warm water in glass on wooden table Benefits of drinking warm water

3. Improves blood circulation

Drinking warm water improves blood circulation. Let us know how?

It happens due to the heat of water, the warm nature of hot water expands arteries and veins, which makes more space for blood to flow which results in improved blood circulation. It also aids in dissolving the fat accumulated in nervous system.

4. It insures proper sleep

If you take warm or hot water after dinner prior to your bed. It will put your body and mind at ease, which in result induces sleep.
It will also stop midnight munchies craving and thereby, you will sleep uninterrupted and you will wake up super fresh next morning. this way you can be more ready to take on the rest of the day with more energy.

5. Also helps in weight loss

We often heard from our grandparents that warm water helps in fat loss. Actually, it is true. let’s try to know how it works. when warm water goes into the body, Our body metabolism rate gets a boost, which in results burns calories and promotes weight loss. To make it work more efficiently try adding lemon juice in your warm water. To know in depth about weight loss click here. Also in addition with consuming lukewarm water you must consider walking or running to boost your weight loss result immensely.

How much hot water one should consume in a day ?

Drinking 2 glass of hot water early in the morning and 1 glass before going to bed should be enough to extract all the health related benefits of warm water. for the rest of the day you can consume normal water. But keep in mind you must consume 6-8 glass of water per day including both warm and normal water to keep your body hydrated.

Side effects

There is no such side effects of drinking warm water, But some side effects which may occur by drinking excessively warm or hot water are :-

  • Water too hot can damage the tissues of your esophagus.
  • It may burn your taste bud
  • it may cause kidney damage in long run because of increased workload of flushing out toxins. However, there is not much scientific backup available.

Consume warm water regularly to get all the benefits, Side effects of warm water are rare occurrence. So, don’t get stressed about it. Add warm water in your lifestyle and get all the benefits. If you like this information please do share with friends and family. you can follow us on instagram for regular updates by clicking here.

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