Tomatoes benefits for health? 5 things you must know

Tomatoes benefits for health! What should you anticipate when you eat tomatoes every day? Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and makes them vital constituents in our dishes.

Tomatoes are a known to be an amazing source of vitamin K, vitamin C, and potassium. Tomatoes are not only used for decorating dishes, but it also add fresh nutritive value to our health when consumed regularly.

1. Tomatoes promote good sight

The eye is a veritably delicate part of our body. To make this organ function well you need to take care of it. Eye problems similar as blurriness and night blindness have been cured to an extent by eating fresh tomatoes or adding them to your diet.

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2. Beneficial for skin health

Eating tomatoes can have many positive effects on the skin in numerous ways. It helps remove dead skin cells, also reduces the signs of ageing, gives your skin brilliance, and prevents acne growth.

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3. Tomatoes benefits for oral health

Tomatoes are a source of rich vitamins. It provides you with Vitamin C which helps with healthy teeth and also keeps your oral mucosa healthy by keeping free radicals at bay.

Tomatoes in your diet are amazing addition for your teeth and gum health. However Eating too many fresh tomatoes will expose your enamel to acidic nature of the tomatoes juice that can cause abrasion of your teeth enamel. but there is not enough scientific research to support this claim.

4. Tomatoes are considered as a good source of vitamins

Tomatoes are considered as a rich source of vitamin A, C, and vitamin K. These vitamins are responsible for ameliorate vision strength, strong teeth and promotes healthy gum development, blood clotting, and helps in healing injuries.

5. Tomatoes promote digestion

Tomatoes are rich in dietary fibres which helps in the easy digestion of food consumed every day. It also relieves symptoms of constipation and gives you a smooth bowel movement.

Side effects of consuming too much tomato

  • Kidney problems : It may surprise you guys, but having too many tomatoes can lead to kidney stones. Because tomato contains calcium & oxalate in higher amounts. it starts to deposit in the body which can lead to kidney stones. research paper here.
  • Acid reflux : Tomatoes can cause reflux of acid in stomach. If taken in more than the recommended amount the acids present in tomatoes can lead up to this. If you are suffering from acid reflux related problems you must consume tomato in moderation.
  • Lycopenodermia : In this specific condition lycopene levels in blood increases, Which results in discoloration of skin in pale orange colour. However, it is not harming but it doesn’t looks appealing. it occurs when you consume more than 75 mg of lycopene per day.
  • Allergies : If you are allergic to tomatoes do not consume it. Otherwise it can lead to serious side effects such as swelling of tongue & face , Sore throat etc.

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